Walkera Drone Vertiport

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Fully automatic flight, Precise take-off & landing, Remote control, Automatic cruise

Volume: LxWxH = 1050 x 1050x 1050mm |Weight: 250kg

Suitable UAV type: F420/R400/R1000 four-axis drones


Protection level: IP54, rainstorm protection, lightning protection

Working temperature: -20~50 degrees Celsius

Environmental sensors: wind speed, wind direction, rain, temperature, humidity

Power supply: single-phase 220VAC 50HZ ≤3KW

Control method: remote 5G system, PLC, stepping system

Operation mode: manual, automatic (touch screen, 5G server)

Fully automatic drone vertiport is a complete system consisting of UAV, fully automatic box, smart weather station, 5G smart ground station software, and back-end user management and operation platform.

Small footprint, light weight, anti-interference, easy to deploy in different outdoor fixed areas, and able to resist weather such as strong winds, rain and snow.

It can realize automatic/mobile precise take-off and landing, automatic cruise, scheduled cruise, precise re-shooting, AI face recognition, and mobile tracking

Support real-time video return, automatic charging, automatic battery swap, meeting high frequency and continuous drones compliance and normalization inspection,  fully automatic unattended operation

Typical drone sizes
Typical drone sizes
Type Measurement Typical size
Airplane  wingspan 1500-5000mm
VTOL wingspan 2000-5000mm
Helicopter Rotor width 1500-3000mm
Quadcopter diagonal motor to motor 250-1100mm
Hexacopter as above 500-1500mm
Octocopter as above 800-1900mm


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