Walkera G120 EFI Power Control System

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Strong Power System
One-click Start
Smart Ignition
Extremely cold operation
High efficiency & Energy saving


Engine Weight: 6.15KG (not including Spare parts)

Size: 375*290*279mm

Displacement: 120CC

Max. Power: 7.4KW

Hovering flight consumption: 6L/H
Max. take-off weight: 45KG

Output voltage: ~50V

Power battery: 12S

Oil consumption: 730g/kw.h(Hover 6L/H)

Fuel: 95 # above unleaded gasoline+2T Total Synthetic Lubricating Oil(Motorway, Motul 710, etc.)

Environment temperature: -20℃ to 40℃

Max. altitude; 4000m

Typical drone sizes
Typical drone sizes
Type Measurement Typical size
Airplane  wingspan 1500-5000mm
VTOL wingspan 2000-5000mm
Helicopter Rotor width 1500-3000mm
Quadcopter diagonal motor to motor 250-1100mm
Hexacopter as above 500-1500mm
Octocopter as above 800-1900mm


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