Walkera QL 1500 adopt the advanced EFI gasoline engine and generator integrated power supply technology, which combines the advantages of petrol and electric power. Powered by petrol, which retains the high energy of fuel, and the electric power drive the rotor retains the characteristics of electric drive maneuvering. The MAX flight time Is 100 mins. Max. payload 10-20kg.

  • Flight Safety

    Using Flight Safety assurance system, GPS/GLONASS or BDS/GLONASS dual redundant satellite positioning, provide reliable guarantee.

  • LiDAR obstacle avoidance

    LiDAR can sense objects 100m away and object avoidance distance can be set in the app.

  • Emergency battery system can alternate emergency cut-off security.

    Equipped with 44.4V 1600mAh 72C emergency lithium battery, it can provide 1.5 mins emergency standby battery and support emergency prepareness.

  • Eight rotor design

    The seight rotor structure can improve power failure tolerance.

  • 2.4G/1.4G high quality digital image transmission, 5km image transmission. 20km version also available.

    QL 1500 uses 2.4G/1.4G digital image transmission system, with long wavelength, strong anti-interference (diffraction) ability, stable and reliable transmission, image transmission range up to 3-5 kilometers. 20km range video and contol range available seperatetly. Also can use LTE control where the distance is only limited by mobile phone network.

  • Special software for industry application

    For the special needs of industry application, we develop a special APP to simplify and easy operation. It supports intelligent flight functions such as automatic return flight, automatic takeoff and landing, intelligent smart follow, way point, and flight point to point.


Typical drone sizes
Typical drone sizes
Type Measurement Typical size
Airplane  wingspan 1500-5000mm
VTOL wingspan 2000-5000mm
Helicopter Rotor width 1500-3000mm
Quadcopter diagonal motor to motor 250-1100mm
Hexacopter as above 500-1500mm
Octocopter as above 800-1900mm

Additional information

Weight 45000 g


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