Walkera T210 Voice controlled tracking drone

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Tracking Shots Drone
One Throw To Fly, Travel Freely
4K Camera
31 mins Flight Time
Smartly Accompanying Flight




Throw To Fly:   After GPS positioning, put the aircraft nose down for about 1-2 seconds, sends out a “didi” sound, triggers the throwing mode and throws the aircraft by hand. T210 will automatically unlock and hover.

Aerial Photography Application: With time-lapse photography, aerial photography materials are richer and the pictures are more wonderful.

Video transmission:  Up to 4.5 KM maximum 2.4 G long-distance video transmission, and has strong anti-interference capabilities,
flying more stable and reliable transmission.

Smart Accompanying Flight: T210 integrates the personalized design of chase riding

WK-V8 Smart Voice Controller:
Intelligent voice controller brings you a new experience of aerial photography. It can easily realize intelligent voice somatosensory control,
get rid of two handed control, and the flight attitude of the aircraft will closely follow your hand actions and movements of mouth, so that you can easily control difficult flight actions and bring different accompanying flight and free travel experience.

Typical drone sizes
Typical drone sizes
Type Measurement Typical size
Airplane  wingspan 1500-5000mm
VTOL wingspan 2000-5000mm
Helicopter Rotor width 1500-3000mm
Quadcopter diagonal motor to motor 250-1100mm
Hexacopter as above 500-1500mm
Octocopter as above 800-1900mm


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